Lane Cove Tennis Club

About Us

Lane Cove Tennis Club (LCTC) is a registered not-for-profit community organisation and is operated entirely by volunteers under the guidance of the LCTC Committee. We aim to provide high-quality tennis and fitness facilities (alongside the associated amenities) to our members and the broader Lane Cove community.

Lane Cove Tennis Club (LCTC) was founded in 1908 to provide tennis facilities to its members and the broader Lane Cove community and, over the past 115 years, has become one of Sydney’s oldest and most recognisable tennis clubs. LCTC has played a key role in the development and enjoyment of thousands of tennis players throughout its history.

The LCTC committee is currently comprised of 12 members who work together to manage the club’s day-to-day operations, organise facility maintenance, and oversee its strategic direction. Our current committee members are listed below.

Committee Members

Garry Butler
Club President

Sue Woodward
Club Secretary

Keith Stewart

Graham Metcalf
Vice President

Tim Cook
Club Captain

Corey Lewis
Competition Secretary

Jenae Carroll
Committee Member

Walid Mohabbat
Committee Member

Olivah Tisbury-Brown
Committee Member

Matt Millward
Committee Member

Reza Alizadeh
Committee Member

Zaki Mohabbat
Committee Member