Tennis Court Hire

Lane Cove Tennis Club (LCTC) is a community tennis club open for bookings by members and public players. It does not have a pro shop or any paid staff.

Play on the LCTC courts is not supervised by LCTC and is entirely at the players’ own risk.

Our COVID Policy

Currently our five courts are open on the basis that all tennis and coaching must be conducted in accordance with current Federal and NSW Government directives and Tennis NSW guidelines.

To keep the facility as COVID safe as possible:

  1. please do not come to LCTC if you have COVID or any flu like symptoms
  2. arrive and leave as close as possible to your booked time and do not bring spectators
  3. while at our facility, observe social distancing and hygiene measures
  4. our clubhouse is closed until further notice (Public toilets are located in Central Park, around 50 metres from the courts)
  5. we have registered as a COVID safe business and have a QR check in at the court entry that all players must use

Greater Sydney is currently under stay-at-home public health orders. Subject to players otherwise complying with these orders, leaving home to play tennis is allowed as a form of exercise.

If you come to LCTC in breach of these public health orders you may be heavily fined by NSW Police. Currently this includes coming to LCTC from out of local area, failing to check in, car pooling to the venue and failing to meet face covering and social distancing requirements. We reiterate that these are legal obligations imposed on all players and are aware that NSW Police have attended other venues to check compliance.

The NSW Government proposes to allow individuals additional freedoms based on their vaccination status. LCTC has no capacity or intention to monitor vaccination status of any players. To the extent public health orders are linked to vaccination status compliance with those orders is a matter for individuals and the NSW Police.

Current TNSW guidance to Clubs is that doubles play by vaccinated players should only be permitted where the Club can only provide evidence to the Police of how they are effectively implementing and monitoring the vaccination status of those using their venue.  LCTC is not in a position to do this.  Currently there is no doubles play at the club.

Court booking instructions

1.   Click the button above to open the booking system in a new window to book a court.

2.  Select your date from the calendar.

3.  Select a court and time from the available slots.

4.  Select the ‘Duration’ of your booking and enter your player details. If you are a member, select the ‘Member Booking’ box. Submit your details by clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

5.  Select ‘PayPal – Pay Now’ or ‘Cancel’ the booking. If you selected ‘Member Booking’ in the previous step, payment is not required.

6.  When your court is booked, a confirmation email will be sent to you which provides proof of your booking and your PIN code to open the court gates.

7.  When you arrive at the courts, enter your PIN code into the keypad to the right of the Clubhouse door.


You will need to enter your PIN code every time you wish to enter the courts within your booked time slot.
To exit the courts anytime, press the exit button to the left of the gate.